Indigenous Experiences

Experience the Indigenous Culture

Discover the rich stories, traditions, and art forms of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Each experience we offer is developed in collaboration with First Nations individuals and communities, ensuring authenticity and respect for the original voices and cultural protocols.

Explore vibrant cultural showcases, historic landmarks, and traditional practices. We’re committed to providing experiences that not only enlighten and entertain but also directly benefit the Indigenous communities we partner with. Take a journey of discovery and impactful support with every experience you choose.

Indigenous 45 Heritage Park Historical Village Credit Government of Alberta

Feel Their Stories

Experiencing traditional Indigenous dancing, music, and art offers a unique insight into the First Nations heritage and culture. See lively performances, vibrant paintings, detailed carved sculptures and hear powerful rhythmic chanting that celebrate deep-rooted stories of nature and ancestry, providing a unique opportunity that connects you to the history of the local communities across what is now called Canada.

Indigenous 56 Writing on Stone Provincial Park Credit Travel Alberta Davey Gravy

The Place Where It All Happened

Every tribe is different and has had their own experiences. Step into the past by visiting a historic landmark integral to Indigenous life in the region. Trading routes, cultural sites, historic villages, battle fields, burial sites, and museums can honour the enduring spirit of the local Indigenous community. These locations allow you to learn and appreciate their how they achieved goals and what their connection was to that land.

Indigenous 10 Metis Crossing Historical Park Credit Travel Alberta

Passed Through Generations

Foster a more meaningful travel experience by observing how Indigenous communities have shaped their local ecosystems and shared cultural practices for thousands of years. The passing of knowledge emphasizes the value of intergenerational relationships and the wisdom of elders, how traditional practices are tied to language and specific cultural contexts, and how these practices fosters a sense of pride, identity, and belonging. 

The Diversity of Indigenous Peoples in Canada

Canada is home to a vibrant tapestry of Indigenous cultures, encompassing over 630 First Nations bands, the Métis Nation, and the Inuit, who live across four distinct Arctic regions. This diversity includes more than 50 unique Nations and over 50 different Indigenous languages, highlighting this lands abundant cultural and linguistic heritage.

Popular Spots

Métis Crossing

Métis Crossing is an interpretive center that showcases the heritage, culture, and contributions of the Métis community through interactive exhibits, educational programs, and traditional activities.

Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre

Known for celebrating and preserving First Nation's heritage, it serves as a vibrant community hub for cultural education, reconciliation, and the integration of traditional and contemporary practices from one of the North's Indigenous peoples.

Bill Reid Gallery

A gallery dedicated to showcasing contemporary Indigenous art from the Northwest Coast, featuring works by celebrated Haida artist Bill Reid and other Indigenous artists.

Fort Edmonton Park

An interactive experience featuring authentic reconstructions of Indigenous dwellings like tipis and Métis cabins, alongside artifact displays that highlight the First Nations and Métis people and the impact of colonialism.

Tours with an Indigenous Component

Stroll the snowy cobblestone streets of the only fortified city north of Mexico! Explore the European-like town, and enjoy the charming and relaxing atmosphere in winter. Available January to March.
Visit Alberta’s capital city and explore a vibrant urban centre, a plethora of exciting activities that’ll takes you to new places and allow you to discover other cultures. Available May to September.
Wild and breathtakingly beautiful, Whitehorse has plenty to offer adventure seekers, nature lovers, and the artistically inclined. The Yukon has excitement and memories right at your fingertips.

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Featured Attraction:
Warrior Women

The next time you visit the Jasper National Park, spend it with a skilled Cree Knowledge Keeper. From weekly fireside chats that share the local Indigenous history to engaging artistic experiences spread across Turtle Island, Warrior Women invites visitors to deeply connect with native traditions. If you are looking for something more hands-on, participate in the time-honored art of beading or experience a plant walk, where you can find the surprising bounty of food and medicines the land offers.

Indigenous 05 Jasper Credit Travel Alberta AV Wakefield


Let's Celebrate!

Canada officially recognizes June 21st as National Indigenous Peoples Day. This day is dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the unique heritage, diverse cultures, and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. The celebration features cultural events, performances, and ceremonies across the country, offering an opportunity for all to learn about Indigenous history, traditions, & achievements.

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