Dog Sledding

About Dog Sledding

Get to know human’s best friend in a whole new way! You’ll love the thrilling experience of quickly traversing snowy landscapes, pulled along by a team of happy sled dogs that are eager to run as fast as they can. This is truly a team experience, as you learn to work with and help the dogs take you on an amazing journey.

Dog Sledding 15 Kananaskis Credit Katie Goldie

Puppy Love

Whether you travel through large icy valleys or through trees caked in freshly-fallen snow, a ride on a dogsled always promises a memorable experience. The sound of the sleigh skimming on the snow and the lightweight padding and panting of the dogs as they run will be the soundtrack to your incredible journey. Let yourself be carried away by the majesty around you and, of course, the adorable sled dogs.

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Once those dogs take off, you’re in for quite the ride. A full team of sled dogs can work up a fast pace, and you’ll soon be whipping through the trees or racing across a tundra. If you’re bundled up in front, you can sit back and enjoy the sights. If you’re driving the sled, you get the chance to communicate with the dogs and control the movements of the sled.

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A Dog Day Afternoon - or Longer!

Whether you’re looking for a quick taste of dog-sledding or a multi-day tour, our staff can work with you to make it happen. You can even try your hand at night-sledding, and catch a glimpse of a beautiful full moon or the Northern Lights!

Tours with Dog Sledding

Encounter polar bears, arctic wildlife, and immerse yourself in indigenous culture on a 6-day adventure from Winnipeg to Churchill. Available October & November.
Pack your bags and visit the Yukon for an unforgettable winter adventure. Tour include dog sledding, snowmobiling, wildlife tour, hot springs and outings to capture a glimpse of the aurora borealis.
Venture into the Great White North. Beautiful, energetic and entertaining—known as the “Wilderness City”, Whitehorse has the great outdoors at its doorstep and has adventure for all interest levels.

Build Your Own Dog Sledding Tour

Let’s make a trip that’s uniquely yours! You decide how long, possible routes, number of inclusions, everything. Start planning now and make your dream trip a reality.

About The Dogs

Clever Canines

The breeds most often used for dog-sledding are Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes. These highly intelligent pups are trained from early on to follow verbal commands, navigate confusing terrain, and fulfill special roles on the team.

Pampered Pooches

Sled dogs eat like royalty, often consuming 10 times the calories of a similar-sized domestic dog. During especially cold weather, their humans will often serve up a warm stew of hot water, kibble, and chicken, salmon, or beef.

Raring to Go

Ethical dogsled tours ensure the dogs are healthy and excited to run before each trip. Teams are often comprised of young dogs full of strength and power and older dogs with plenty of experience and wisdom from years on the trail.



Dog Sledding 10 Kananaskis Credit Travel Alberta Mike Seehagel

Furry Friends

Dogs are full of empathy and affection, making them excellent companions. After your trip, you can spend some time with the sled dogs and enjoy the mental health benefits of bonding with these beautiful animals.

Dog Sledding 13 Kananaskis Credit Travel Alberta Anthony Redpath

Stay Comfy

Whether you are driving the sled or wrapped up in blankets in front, this is a warm, comfortable way to travel and soak up the winter wonderland around you.

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Delighted Dogs

Sled dogs have an instinct to pull and run, so they are happiest when getting lots of exercise outside. While you’re having the time of your life, so are they!

Essential Gear and Equipment

Ensure you have warm socks, boots and layers of clothing (including a base layer that will wick sweat from the body). Bring your snow jackets and pants, mittens/gloves, toque/hat and a day pack with snacks, water and camera. We also highly recommend sunglasses/goggles and sunscreen.


Anytime you decide to go explore nature, you should…

  • Check the weather.
  • Research the trail and take a map with you. 
  • Carry the proper gear for the experience.
  • Bring extra food.
  • Tell someone where you are going.
  • Check with the Parks or tourism office for closures and wildlife updates. 
  • Make noise on the trail to keep wildlife away.
  • Follow the Leave No Trace principles.
  • Do not feed, touch or approach wildlife.
Dog Sledding 14 Kananaskis Credit Travel Alberta Anthony Redpath

When on a dog-sledding tour, make sure you listen to the guide’s instructions, as each tour may use different commands and techniques to work with the animals.


Did You Know?

At the top of the world in mid winter, the Yukon Quest challenges mushers and their dog teams to race across the frozen wilderness. The epic 1,600 km / 1,000 mile  International Sled Dog Race travels between Whitehorse, Yukon and Fairbanks, Alaska on historical gold rush and mail delivery routes. 


Have Questions?

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to someone. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can create your unique experience.