About Golfing

Canada’s vast and diverse landscape offers beautiful settings all over the country for this popular pastime and competitive sport. Golf courses are often kept in pristine condition and incorporate the natural elements of the location, so players can drink in carefully designed and immaculate surroundings as they engage in the activity. In a game full of strategy, concentration, and bragging rights, you and your group will reap all the benefits golf has to offer, from exercise to social bonding, to fresh outdoor air with unbelievable views.

Golf 05 Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course Credit Travel Alberta George Simhoni

So You're a Little Green...

While certainly full of challenges, golf is actually amazingly friendly to beginners and pros alike. We can work with you to arrange lessons with a golf coach who can give you tips and pointers, whether you’re just learning how to hold a club or you’ve been playing for years and are looking to shave some points off your scorecard.

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Change Up Your Game

While the basic idea of golf may seem pretty straightforward, this sport actually offers a lot of versatility, especially if you play with a group. Players can spice things up by playing off each other’s shots, work as a unit with “best ball”, or up the ante with some friendly wagers. Creative tweaks to the foundational game are bound to produce new challenges, plenty of laughs, and fond memories.

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Make It Mini

You might be looking to improve your short game, or simply an opporunity to let loose and socialize with your group. Either way, mini-golf is a fun, shorter (in both size and time) version of golf with its own unique twists. There are indoor courses available all year long as well as picturesque outdoor courses that often end with ice cream when the weather is nice. Mini golf courses offer features like glow-in-the-dark, animation, and themes of all kinds. This form of the game is especially appealing for families with little ones.

Tours with Golfing

Find yourself at the intersection of backcountry and luxury in Kananaskis, Alberta. Get access to leisure activities with breathtaking views and feelings of solitude and rejuvenation. May to October.

Build Your Own Golfing Tour

Let’s make a trip that’s uniquely yours! You decide how long, which courses, number of inclusions, everything. Start planning now and make your dream trip a reality.

Staff Picks

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

This 18-hole Rocky Mountain course boasts elevated tee boxes, dramatic bunkers, wide tree lined fairways and, of course, a natural setting with breathtaking alpine views.

Greywolf Golf Course

Located in Panorama, BC, this course has front-row views of the Purcell Mountains, and its infamous clifftop sixth hole, considered one of the best golf holes in the world.

Cabot Cape Breton

This Nova Scotia resort has two 18-hole courses, both of which allow golfers to play in an environment of rugged cliffs, sand dunes, and the spray of the Atlantic Ocean.



Golf 22 Chinook Valley Golf Course Credit Travel Government of Alberta

Brain Boost

Let your mind focus, engage its visuo-spatial abilities, apply principles of physics and geometry, and exercise creative thinking in the face of unique challenges and obstacles.

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Social and Professional Connections

Golfing in a group provides great bonding time with friends, and is also often the sport of choice for professional meetings, as it is a neutral space that allows participants to enjoy nature, get some exercise, and also allows many opportunities to discuss a variety of topics.

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Keep Growing

Golf is accessible for beginners, and from those first few rounds, there is no limit to how much you can improve. It is a sport that will continue to challenge you to improve your skills, approach, and mentality throughout your life!

Essential Gear and Equipment

You will need a set of golf clubs (and a bag to carry them), golf balls, and tees. You can bring your own or rent from the course’s clubhouse.

Other items that may come in handy are golf cleats, gloves, sunscreen, sunglasses, and other sun protection, a ball marker to keep your spot on the green, and possibly a golf cart (motorized or trolley).  

Bring some light snacks and drinks if you like, though most courses will also have a concession cart driving by regularly if you need to purchase something to nibble or sip on.


  • Check with the course to ensure you are styled according to its dress code. Most golf courses will minimally require a collared shirt with sleeves, no jeans or sweatpants, and closed-toe shoes. The general rule is the more up-scale the course, the more particular the dress-code will be.
  • Take some practice swings at the driving range. Make sure you can get a ball airborne consistently before you go on a course.
  • If you create a divot (when your club tears through the grass and kicks up a clump of ground), be sure to repair it as best you can by replacing the clump where it came from and gently patting it down.
  • Do not drive your cart onto the green.
  • Whatever you do, keep your eye on the ball!
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Did You Know?

Taking a cue from blacklit mini-golf, night golfing is an adventurous variation on the sport that is growing in popularity. Night golfing employs flood lights, LED flag poles, glow sticks, and glow-in-the-dark balls to create a fantastical and uniquely fun experience. Take a shot in the dark at one of the courses across British Columbia, Alberta, or Ontario that offers this special feature.

Night Golf 01 Marc Clinton Labiano

Have Questions?

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