Budget Friendly Tours

Developed for our easygoing guests, this style has a range of free time to help you discover the hidden gems in a place and allows for exciting spontaneous decisions to occur. These tours are booked at clean and trustworthy accommodations, using standard rooms. We build in introductory activities to offer a taste of an experience with just enough time to make memories and capture wonderful images. We also share our insider tips to help make your trip special.

Scenery 10 Jasper Spirit Island Credit Pursuit Mike Seehagel

Flexible Itineraries

Fewer and shorter included activities allow you the flexibility to experience the trip your way. You get general admission to various locations as well as an abundance of free time to explore the area.

Astoria King Room

Value Lodging

Simple, clean and dependable hotels with an average 3-star rating. Private rooms include at least one double or queen bed that come with the most basic amenities. Hotels have referred to these as basic or standard rooms.

Landscape 02 Kluane National Park Yukon Noel Hendrickson

Essential Inclusions

No bells and whistles here, just the essentials required for your trip! You get the freedom to decide how and where your money is spent. We don’t like to assume! But that’s not saying that you can’t have these things either. Add-ons, meals, rentals etc. can be included as you see fit.

Popular Value Tours

Spend a relaxing weekend in the wilderness away from the hustle of the city. Unwind in an off the grid cabin while you enjoy light activities and connect with nature on your very own personal retreat.
Embark on a journey to discover the Canadian Maritimes! Experience the natural wonders, historic centres and fascinating cultures representing some of the oldest communities in the country.
Take a relaxing trip to a coastal village in B.C. with quiet inlets, old growth rainforests, ocean views, rich culture and an abundance of wildlife. The ideal spot to unwind and connect with nature.
The highest base elevation of any major Canadian ski area, Marmot Basin is an alpine ski area located in Alberta’s Jasper National Park. These 2 day lift, 2 night packages run every day in winter.

Still Have Questions?

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to someone. Give us a call and lets discuss how we can create your unique experience.