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About Scuba Diving

At first glance, Canadian waters might seem cold and dark, but they are really very inviting and bursting with life, making for diving adventures that are sure to be exciting and unforgettable. Outfitted with the correct gear, you can submerge yourself deep below the surface of one of Canada’s many lakes, or explore the world of one of our three oceans, with a professional and knowledgeable divemaster ensuring your safety and showing you the most incredible aquatic features.

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Open Waters

Your tour can transport you far beyond the shore to deep waters full of amazing sights. This is the most popular form of diving, and for good reason: imagine suiting up and simply jumping off the boat, finding yourself immediately surrounded by fascinating creatures and beautiful underwater plants and structures.

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What a Wreck

Exploring the remains of a sunken ship or crashed airplane is fascinating and appealing for many interested scuba divers and history buffs. In addition to the human-made structures, you’ll often find mysterious marine life who have made their homes in the wrecks, from coral and plants to animals that slither, swim, and crawl around the new environment.

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The Ice Age

If you’re truly ready to brave the Canadian cold, try ice diving, for an incredibly stunning and unique experience. Icy water often takes on different colors and provides greater visibility. Drink in the dramatic icescapes filled with plankton, jellyfish, and humpback whales, and even survey the quiet wonder of a massive iceberg. Requiring a high level of skill and risk-taking, this intense and amazing adventure is for experienced divers only.

Tours with Scuba Diving

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Staff Picks

Barkley Sound

Explore the soft coral reef on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island to discover thriving marine fauna. See if you can catch a glimpse of the elusive six-gill shark that live here!

Bell Island

Travel to Newfoundland for an underwater adventure that will include majestic sea creatures, World War II shipwrecks, and a whale graveyard.

Browning Pass

A vertical ledge rich with nutrients and encrusted with marine life, this is considered one of the best diving sites on Vancouver Island. Be sure to bring an underwater flashlight to truly appreciate the multicolored wonders!


Aquatic Encounters

Diving 02 Credit Mike Cristello

Sea Lions

Mostly found off Vancouver Island, these giant puppy dogs of the sea are curious and playful.

Diving 03 Credit Juanma Clemente Alloza

Wolf Eels

They may have faces only a mother could love, but these massive creatures are generally curious and friendly to divers.

Pudget Sound King Crab

Pudget Sound King Crab

These large and colorful critters are covered in vibrant orange, red, yellow, blue, and purple armor.

Essential Gear and Equipment

Your tour should provide all specialized equipment needed for scuba diving, including a wet or drysuit, mask and snorkel, gloves, fins, scuba tank, regulator, gauges, compass, dive computer, and transportation to the dive site.

Bring along an underwater camera to capture the wonders below the surface!


Anytime you decide to go onto the water, you should…

  • Check the weather, wind forecast, tide and current tables. 
  • Research the route and take a map with you. 
  • Carry the proper gear for the experience.
  • Bring extra food.
  • Bring sunblock to protect yourself from the suns rays. 
  • Tell someone where you are going.
  • Check with the Parks or tourism office for closures and wildlife updates. 
  • Follow the Leave No Trace principles.
  • Do not feed, touch or approach wildlife.
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Drink plenty of water the day before and morning of your dive so you stay hydrated throughout.

Clear your eyes and sinus to relieve pressure by yawning, holding your nose while slowly blowing out, or moving your jaw side-to-side.

Always have a dive buddy. Go as a pair or in a group, and never dive by yourself, especially in unpredictable ocean waters.

Did You Know?

You can explore an underwater ghost town in Lake Minnewanka, Alberta. The resort town of Minnewanka Landing used to be filled with the busyness of tourists and locals, but rising water levels and a series of dams sunk the town in 1941. What lies below the beautiful waters of this lake in Banff National Park is a well-preserved ghost town full of buildings, sidewalks, wharves and a nearby Indigenous campsite filled with artefacts thousands of years old. Every year, about 8,000 divers are drawn to this eerie site.

Scenic Lake Minnewanka Credit travel Alberta

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