About Caving

Also known as spelunking, this activity is a combination of exercise and exploration, as cave systems are some of the last unexplored regions on Earth. You will truly feel like a treasure hunter from an adventure movie as you squeeze through tight passages, rappel to the next cave level, and even possibly swim in a hidden underground pool.

Caving Rats Nest Cave 14 Canmore Credit Paul Zizka

Into the Unknown

Narrow tunnels might open to huge caverns, dark slopes might give way to secret hot springs, and twists and turns will have you feeling the thrill of the unexpected, all with your tour guide ensuring your safety and navigation.

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Discover a New World

A spelunking tour provides an out-of-this-world experience, without ever leaving Earth! Your eyes will feast on peculiar crystals, alien rock formations, and eerie pools of water. This is truly a way to transport yourself to another world.

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Explore the Past

Caving allows you to time travel throughout history – you’ll find fossils, ancient artifacts, and cave drawings preserved in the tunnels carved through the Earth. These natural time capsules hold special appeal for history lovers.

Tours with Caving

Your challenging adventure awaits! Tighten your harness and repel down watery chutes then crawl into undeveloped caves in the Canadian Rockies. This 3 day, 2 night package runs from May to October.
Get off the beaten path and seek a different kind of adventure. Ride horseback and tour a wild, undeveloped cave in the Canadian Rockies. This 2 day, 1 night package runs from May to October.

Build Your Own Caving Tour

Let’s make a trip that’s uniquely yours! You decide how long, how many descents, number of inclusions, everything. Start planning now and make your dream trip a reality.

Staff Picks

Rat's Nest Cave

Canmore Cave Tours will guide you on a journey of human and natural history hidden below the surface.

Outlaw Caves

Full and half day tours are available to check out this hiding spot for rum runners and horse thieves of the Wild West near Coronach, Saskatchewan.

Horne Lake Caves

You'll find an incredible underground world filled with fossils and crystal formations in this Vancouver Island cave system.



Caving Rats Nest Cave 11 Canmore Credit Travel Alberta Roth and Ramberg

A Stealthy Workout

Caving is a deceptively challenging workout. You’ll harness strength and agility to navigate various spaces, working up a sweat and raising your heart rate.

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All Year Long

Many caves maintain the same temperature from summer to winter, so even on the coldest or hottest days, temperatures tend to be mild once you’re away from surface weather patterns.

Solitude 2

Meditative Moments

Submerging yourself into the dark unknown encourages the mind to find focus and be completely present in the here and now, much like the practices of meditation and mindfulness.

Essential Gear and Equipment

Always wear a helmet with headlamp, gloves, and full-length clothing when caving. Knee pads, bottles of water and snacks also come in handy. If your adventure leads you into the backcountry, don’t forget those wilderness survival essentials as well (first aid kit, navigation, food, water, knife, fire starter, communication, and a backpack). Your guide should inform you of and most likely provide any other gear you will need.


Anytime you decide to go explore nature, you should…

  • Check the weather.
  • Research the route and take a map with you. 
  • Carry the proper gear for the experience.
  • Bring extra food.
  • Tell someone where you are going.
  • Check with the Parks or tourism office for closures and wildlife updates. 
  • Follow the Leave No Trace principles.
  • Do not feed, touch or approach wildlife.
Caving Rats Nest Cave 04 Canmore Credit Canmore Cave Tours Paul Zizka

Pack light – only bring what’s absolutely necessary, so those tight squeezes aren’t quite so tight. But you’ll want your camera to capture the unique sights of the underground environment!

Find at least one moment to turn off all light sources, relax, and absorb the absolute dark and quiet.


Did You Know?

Canada’s longest known cave system is Castleguard Cave in Banff National Park. It has 23 km of galleries passing far beneath the Columbia Icefield. The shortest spelunking route is 9 km long, requiring a four or five day underground stay, and includes two underground camps.

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