Québec Regions

Québec City

The epicenter of the “oldtown” resides in Québec City itself, offering some beautiful European style architecture. Alongside that some amazing food and perfect winter and summer activities make this city a hotspot among tourists. 

City 16 Quebec City and Region © Tourism Quebec Gaelle Leroyer

Why Travel Québec?

Residing far on the stunning eastern coast of Canada, Québec has a lot to offer for anybody who is willing to accept. On its southern border you will find its largest cities, being Montreal and Québec City, holding onto their colonial roots with magnificent architecture. The further north you travel the less dense civilization you will find. Offering smaller towns and beautiful northern lights. With Québec being the largest province in Canada, the options for differing climates and environments are limitless. Northern Québec also houses breathtaking National Parks, Conservation Areas, and Ecological Reserves, truly keeping itself in touch with nature, and retaining a feeling of wilderness.

Best Québec Tours

Stroll the snowy cobblestone streets of the only fortified city north of Mexico! Explore the European-like town, and enjoy the charming and relaxing atmosphere in winter. Available January to March.

Somewhere Else?

While we frequently build tours to these popular Québec destinations above, we can take you anywhere in the province!