Alberta Regions


An iconic National Park in Alberta, Banff is home to spectacular mountain ranges, diverse wildlife and vibrant glacial lakes.


Jasper National Park is the largest in the Canadian Rockies and a year-round hot-spot for adventure seekers. 


Quaint and laid-back, Canmore is a small yet uniquely beautiful mountain town at the edge of the Canadian Rockies. 

Why Travel in Alberta?

Alberta is a province located in Western Canada. It possesses impressive landscapes like mountains, prairies, desert badlands, wetlands, lakes, and lush forests. Found in the west ridge of the province, the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains cater to those who seek beauty and adventure. Here you can find majestic lakes, cascading waterfalls, powerful rivers, ridged mountain peaks, deep canyons, impressive glaciers, and thousands of kilometers of trails and diverse wildlife. In addition, Alberta has six UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is home to numerous “World’s Largest” monuments, a fun roadside attraction.

Top 3 Alberta Tours

Visit the largest mall in North America for exciting shops, family friendly entertainment and activities like the World Waterpark and Galaxyland amusement parks. This tour is available year-round.
Enjoy truly Canadian experiences with bucket list views. Discover what makes Alberta so unique and explore the Rockies like you’ve only dreamt. This 9 day, 8 night package is accessible daily.
Find yourself at the intersection of backcountry and luxury in Kananaskis, Alberta. Get access to leisure activities with breathtaking views and feelings of solitude and rejuvenation. May to October.

Somewhere Else?

While we have pre-built tours to these Albertan destinations above, we can take you anywhere in the province!