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About Québec City

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Old Roots

Residing within Québec City is an impressive Old Town known as “Old Québec” which offers some of the oldest maintained buildings in all of Canada, currently filled with restaurants, shops, and much more. You can truly immerse yourself in an era mainly lost to the modern world.

Hotel De Glace Quebec 12 Interior Credit Etienne Dionne

Bountiful Winter Scene

The city offers a truly iconic accommodation option in the form of an Ice Hotel, where you can actually stay overnight! Other winter activities include your classics like skating, skiing, and festivals. One to the best ways to keep worm during the the cold winters is one their many Scandinavian style spas where you can simply relax, and enjoy your time away from home.

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Culturally Rich and Historic

Being one of the oldest cities in Canada, Every portion of the city shares a tale. between the cobbled streets of the old town, or many of its heritage sites that share stories and culture from times before the city we know today even existed. There are many museums and guided tours that demonstrate and show the settlements and villages that existed prior to Québec City itself.

Many stories to tell

Québec City resides in the top 10 cities list of Canada! Ranking at 2nd place, being founded in 1608.

Popular Spots

Hôtel de Glace

A fully functioning hotel, completely made of ice.

Old Québec

Old winding European style segment of the city.

Le Château Frontenac

A Hotel unlike any other. A massive European structure towering over Old Québec.

Strom Nordic Spa

Beautiful views and a relaxing, therapeutic spa experience.

Tours in Québec City

Stroll the snowy cobblestone streets of the only fortified city north of Mexico! Explore the European-like town, and enjoy the charming and relaxing atmosphere in winter. Available January to March.

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Featured Attraction: Festival Beauceron

Every year, just south of Québec City in Saint-Georges a festival engulfs the town in tourism through the use of their locally produced maple syrup. The festival takes place in April over a two day timespan where you get to enjoy a plethora of maple syrup related activities and products. The festivities include a wonderful pancake breakfast featuring their renowned syrup, as well as a wide range of other products created with a perfect maple flavour such as: Maple sugar, maple candy, and maple fudge. Finally, their prized and widely known practice is where a taffy-maker pours hot maple syrup on snow, producing a delicious item known as “tire sur la neige“.

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Average Temperature





Did You Know?

Québec City is rated as one of Canada’s best places to spend the holidays. Having a wide-range of winter activities and a fairly warm average winter temperature, you will always have fun activities to spend your time. Old Québec also proves their festive cheer every year by settings up lights and trees to transform the streets into a beautiful holiday scene for all to enjoy.

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