Frequently Asked Questions

Your trip is important to you, just as it is to us. We want to make sure that all of your questions are comfortably answered and we put your mind at ease. Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

What can Live It Up Lifestyle Adventures help me with?

Everything from customized programs and activities, various accommodations, transportation needs, restaurant options, adventure experiences, meeting spaces, audio/video requirements, on-site tour directors, concierge service, entertainment options, branded promotional items, detailed itineraries, private tour pages and much more! Whether you need it all or only a few, we will assist you with your program based on your requirements and needs. We take on all of the negotiating with each vendor, manage the bookings, rooming lists, schedules, payments and deadlines. We’re here to help you so you can focus on the things that matter more.  

Where do you offer trips to?

While our focus is primarily on Western Canada, our reach extends throughout the whole country. We have access to various partners across Canada and can develop the perfect adventure, from coast to coast to coast. If you don’t see anything for a particular destination let us know and we can build it for you. Contact Us.

How do I find an activity to suit my needs?

Adventure looks different to everyone. Activities can be at a faster or slower pace, some take place at a higher or lower altitude, while others require a bit of training. No matter your level of thrill, we have something for you. We have broken down our activities into three categories to sort your interests and generate your perfect trip: LeisureActive, and Challenging.

How can I pick the right tour for me?

We all have a different idea of travelling and how a trip looks. There are people who want to get off the beaten path and find their own experience in a location, while others want everything planned for them. No matter if you are the vacationers who travels with a higher standard of service or are the one who need a balance of fun and comfort, we have something for you. We have broken down our travel styles into three categories so you can choose a plan that’s right for you: Premium, Classic, and Value.

I have time off, where can I go?

Depending on how much time you have to spare, we have packages that have been built with your time in mind. From the day you arrive to the day you depart, our packages give you an idea of what can be achieved within that timeframe. We have broken down our trip duration into three categories so you can choose a plan that’s right for you: Express, Getaway, and Vacation.

How can I book a tour?

Tours that are less than 7 days are typically bookable on our website on the individual tour page. You are able to add and remove items from the package with the convenience of paying online. For longer tours, or ones that require unique alterations, these can be booked over the phone with one of our Adventure Specialists.

The tour is almost perfect, can I make changes to the itinerary?

YES! Absolutely, our itineraries are planned well and very entertaining, however, we are very keen to ensure your trip is PERFECT for you! Let’s chat about what that could be.

Are tours priced for one or two people?

Prices are shown per person, based on double occupancy. This means that the prices shown are for one person, based on two people sharing the room.

All of your tours are in Canadian dollars?

Yes, the currency described on our site is in Canadian dollars.

What is included in the price?

Prices include accommodations, activity fees, specific rentals and all applicable taxes.

Park fees, airfare, car rentals, meals, add-on’s, and personal gear are not included with a tour.

Private tours can be built to include many of these things upon request.

We don’t have any hidden fees or service charges.

What is GST and HST?

The goods and services tax (GST) is a tax that you pay on most goods and services sold or provided in Canada. In New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Prince Edward Island, the GST has been blended with the provincial sales tax and is called the harmonized sales tax (HST). The percentage may be different in each province, and isn’t typically included in the price promoted but levied at check out.

I have a disability, are their trips for me?

We understand that every disability is different and are committed to making your travel experience accessible. Some of the ways we can assist is by selecting activities that are better suited to your needs; booking ground floor accommodations for easy access, or having our Tour Directors communicate in a style you require. Please contact our team to discuss how we can assist.

Are your partners/suppliers well ranked for what they do?

We check out every supplier thoroughly and in most cases, have done prior business with them. From meals to hotel rooms to activities, we have chosen our favourites! 

Are your trips suitable for LGBTQ2 travellers?

Of course! Everyone should feel comfortable when they travel across Canada. Canada has been ranked one of the most LGBTQ2 friendly travel destinations for years.

Live It Up Lifestyle Adventures is committed to providing an environment in which all guests and staff are treated with respect and dignity. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, violence (verbal or physical), or sexual harassment, either between travelers or involving our staff, Tour Directors, or partners.

At any time, if you feel that someone has been behaving inappropriately, please inform our office or your Tour Director immediately.

Do you pair single participants?

No, we feel it’s important for guests to be well acquainted with their roommate for safety. Single person rates are available.

What are group tours?

These are tours that individual’s organize for their company, club, family or friends. There is no minimum or maximum group size, as packages and prices are built based on your needs.

Do you send tours outside of Canada?

We could, but that’s not where we shine. Our passion is for our country, and we love showcasing the popular sites and the hidden gems of Canada to locals and visitors alike.

I’m not an adventurer. I like to relax, check out the sights and take it easy. Do you have a tour for that?

If relaxation and a gentle pace is your perfect holiday, we know some amazing places to spend some quality time. If a tour isn’t currently available that fits your need, just call us!

I’m very adventurous and I want to do everything. Can you keep me busy?

Yes, we sure can! There are so many great adventures, sensational sites, and unforgettable moments that await you. Let’s talk about the things that excite you and we will build a tour for the record books!

I have a special occasion that I REALLY need to go well, can I count on that?

Every effort is made to ensure total success of your trip, not just for special occasions. We will work with you to gather intricate details of how you want the trip to be and then build it out to perfection.

Should I get travel insurance?

Yes, you absolutely should have travel insurance. Check with your provider and fully understand the terms can coverage. Many providers do not allow coverage for covid sickness. Be aware of the policy limits.

Can I stay longer or make a longer trip from one of your itineraries?

Yes, your trip needs to fit your desires perfectly. Let us know your travel plans and we will help you build the very best options.

What is an add-on?

An add-on is an item or activity that is not included in your trip. An add-on may be purchased for an additional price.

Is it cold in Canada?

It depends on where you originate from. The climate in Canada varies from province to province and is different in the four distinct seasons. Temperatures range from:

Spring: -5°C to +19°C
Summer: +18°C to +30°C
Fall: -3°C to +20°C
Winter: +2°C to -30°C

When visiting the Canadian Rockies, be sure to have layers of comfortable clothing. Weather can change quickly, so its best to be prepared.

Is it free to enter Provincial and National Parks?

Depending on the province, most Provincial Parks are free, or have specific days that are free. In National Parks, all adult visitors will need to buy a permit for the duration of their stay. Day Passes or a yearly Discovery Pass are available to buy in-person at Parks Canada’s park gates and information centres. Admission for youth 17 and under is free.

Be sure to inquire about entry fees in your park before you visit.

What's the deal on tipping?

Gratuities are seldom included in Canada. It is customary to tip restaurant servers, guides, drivers and others in the service industry. You may tip an average of 15-20% on the total bill and less/more depending on the quality of service. For groups, restaurants may charge an automatic 15-18% gratuity.

What are the statutory holidays that I should be aware of?

Statutory holidays can effect your travel plans, accommodation availability, or tour operations. Canadians enjoy several federally established celebrations. See National Statutory holiday dates.

In addition, provinces and territories also have their own statutory holidays. Inquire about dates before you travel.

Are you easy to reach if I need you?

Most definitely! You will have a contact number for our staff that you can use whenever you need to reach us. You always have a solid resource in us!

I still have questions, can I discuss with you?

Sure thing! We are always interested to hear from our guests. 

Call us at 1-800-814-4886, we are open 9am – 5pm MST, or email us at Info@youliveitup.ca

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