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Canada has some amazing locations to take your camera to and photograph recreationally. Canada is filled to the brim with about 2000 different wildlife species, National Parks that cover more than 340,000 km2 of land and many more architectural, urban, and natural wonders. When you are looking to get out and take purposeful images, you want to go to the places that are interesting to photograph and have a story to tell. From coast to coast, the Rockies to the prairies, take a trip that documents some of the epic places found in Canada. 

Photography 07 Vancouver Credit Destination Vancouver Westcoast Sightseeing

Tour The Sites

If you want to view a sample of the area you’re visiting then jump on a sightseeing tour to catch a glimpse of the highlights and must-see’s in your town. You’ll have numerous opportunities to photograph while being shuttled around. Transportation ranges from double decker buses, luxury motor coaches, 15 passenger vans, smaller shuttles and boats. 

Photography 01 Alberta Credit Travel Alberta

Private Tours

When you want an experience to be focused on capturing stunning landscapes, curious animals, powerful portraits, unique editorial style images, then arrange for a Private tour. Skip seeing the things that aren’t of interest and go directly to the places you want to see, with professional guides who know the area. Organized around your schedule, private tours can go at your pace. 

Heli Tour Banff Marvel Pass and Cabin Lake Tour 03 Credit Victoria Wakefield @hike365

Birds Eye View

Go to unique places where there are no crowds of tourists fighting to get that popular image found online. Jump into a helicopter that will take you high into the sky for aerial views of the changing landscape. If you are looking for the added experience, take a heli hike to get off the beaten path for even more photogenic and remote perspectives. 

Tours with photo-ops

Enjoy an incredible Rocky Mountain experience, travel to the iconic sites, and discover hidden gems in the Jasper and Banff National Parks. This 9 day, 8 night package is accessible daily.
Enjoy truly Canadian experiences with bucket list views. Discover what makes Alberta so unique and explore the Rockies like you’ve only dreamt. This 9 day, 8 night package is accessible daily.

Build Your Own Photography Tour

Let’s make a trip that’s uniquely yours! You decide how long, which activities, number of inclusions, everything. Start planning now and make your dream trip a reality.

Staff Picks

Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Get up close to view and photograph wildlife in its natural habitat. Dall sheep, stone sheep, mountain goats, mule deer, wapiti (elk), woodland caribou, wood bison, musk-ox, moose and even lynx can all seen in this sanctuary.


From hop-on hop-off city tours, to the seaside sunsets, to the blooming of their cherry blossom trees; Vancouver has numerous photo-ops readily available in all seasons.

Banff National Park

The Canadian Rockies are up there as one of the prettiest landscapes in the world. Snow covered peaks, giant glaciers, gushing rivers, active animals and 6,641 km² of wilderness to explore. You don't have to go very far to see stunning scenery.


Spy With Your Little Eye

Yukon Aurora 03 Whitehorse McIntyre Creek Credit Peter Mather

Aurora Borealis

While the night sky is always above us, there are places in Canada, during specific seasons, where you can maximize your chances to capture those one-of-a-kind experiences. Get access to the best spots to observe the Northern Lights. 

Wildlife and Animals MB 01 Polar Bear Manitoba Credit DennisFast Courtesy of Travel Manitoba

Polar Bears

Head to Churchill Manitoba, the Polar Bear Capital of the World, to photograph these mighty creatures in the wild as they congregate and wait for the ice to freeze on the Hudson Bay. 

New Brunswick 10 Hopewell Rocks Credit Destination Canada and Lauren Mullaly

Hopewell Rocks

Also called the Flowerpots Rocks or simply The Rocks, are rock formations known as sea stacks caused by tidal erosion in the Ocean Tidal Exploration Site at the Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park in New Brunswick

Essential Gear and Equipment

To take photos, you can start with your phone camera but if you are really trying to capture the beauty of a scene, you’ll need a camera, lens, and memory cards. Other gear to include is a tripod, camera bag, filters, extra batteries, and flash. 


Anytime you decide to go take photos, you should…

  • Check the weather.
  • Research the route and take a map with you if you go into the wilderness. 
  • Carry the proper gear for the experience.
  • Bring extra food.
  • Tell someone where you are going.
  • Check with the Parks or tourism office for closures and wildlife updates. 
  • Follow the Leave No Trace principles.
  • Do not feed, touch or approach wildlife.
Photography 09 Vancouver Credit Destination Vancouver Jason Lee Wang

Bring your friends – The best views are out in the wilderness, so go in a group to ensure safety.

Plan ahead – You could bring all of your camera gear “just in case…” but that could be a lot. Plan the types of shots you want to get and only bring the required items you think you’ll need. 

Did You Know?

The Yukon is north of the Arctic Circle and the sun remains above the horizon almost the entire day from mid May to mid July. Yukon is referred to as The Land of the Midnight Sun, and on the June solstice, you can head to a mountain top and watch the sun circle right around the peak without ever setting. That means you get more time to photograph during the Golden Hour!

Midnight Sun 03 Yukon Credit Government of Yukon

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