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About Hot Springs

Sometimes the cold of Canadian winters makes it tempting to hide out inside. Luckily, nature offers a way to enjoy the lower temperatures outside while resting and relaxing: hot springs! In mountainous terrain, many pools of mineral water are geothermally heated, providing a sublime and rejuvenating soak. You can have your choice of accessible resorts and remote natural springs to enjoy your dip, which is particularly soothing at the end of your ski day or exciting tour.

Hot Springs 23 Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Credit Destination BC and Kari Medig

Accessible Soaks

Public hot springs offer a convenient and flexible way to enjoy a mineral soak. Many pools are open from morning and into the evening and are a popular spot for hikers, skiers, and outdoors enthusiasts of all kinds, seeking out a restful and re-energizing experience after an active day. You might also add a hot springs visit onto your multi-day tour, providing some time to pause and soak in the majesty of the nature around you before you get back to the high-energy pursuits of your adventure.

Hot Springs 04 Shearwater Hot Springs Conservancy Kitimat Credit Northern BC Tourism and Andrew Strain

Pamper Yourself

Many hot springs can be found at resorts and spas that offer additional services to enhance your recharging experience. Imagine pairing your mineral soak with a hot stone massage, a mud bath or body wrap, or a restorative yoga class. You can create a tailored luxury pampering session to take care of your mind, body, and soul.

Hot Springs 19 Nakusp Hot Springs Credit Destination BC and Kari Medig

Hidden Gems

If you’re looking for a more secluded and private experience, many natural pools are tucked away in the wilderness, accessible by hike, boat, or even helicopter. Envision the adventure of a lifetime culminating in an exclusive experience of relaxation as you luxuriate in a secret spring few will ever see.

Tours with Hot Springs

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Pack your bags and visit the Yukon for an unforgettable winter adventure. Tour include dog sledding, snowmobiling, wildlife tour, hot springs and outings to capture a glimpse of the aurora borealis.
If you are looking for a taste of Canada’s north, try this Yukon vacation package. This mixed bag of sights, wildlife, museums, arts and relaxation is created for the leisure traveller.
Spend a relaxing weekend in the wilderness away from the hustle of the city. Unwind in an off the grid cabin while you enjoy light activities and connect with nature on your very own personal retreat.
Leave the crowds behind and go on an adventure! This tour offers a taste of some of the outdoor experiences that the Yukon has to offer. This active 6 day 5 night package departs from Whitehorse.
Wild and breathtakingly beautiful, Whitehorse has plenty to offer adventure seekers, nature lovers, and the artistically inclined. The Yukon has excitement and memories right at your fingertips.
Venture into the Great White North. Beautiful, energetic and entertaining—known as the “Wilderness City”, Whitehorse has the great outdoors at its doorstep and has adventure for all interest levels.
Winter in the Canadian Rockies is the perfect time to experience your favourite cold weather activities. This unforgettable 8 day, 7 night package is accessible daily.
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Let’s make a trip that’s uniquely yours! You decide how long, types of relaxing activities, number of inclusions, everything. Start planning now and make your dream trip a reality.

Staff Picks

Miette Hot Springs

Steam away! These Jasper, Alberta springs are the hottest in the Canadian Rockies!

Radium Hot Springs

Open all year round, you'll be able to swim and play in their cool pool or relax and rejuvenate in the hot pool - or both!

Banff Upper Hot Springs

People have been soaking in these Alberta waters while taking in snowy mountain views since 1884.



Hot Springs 21 Liard River Hot Springs Credit Destination BC and Megan McLellan

Boost Circulation

The various minerals in the hot springs increase blood circulation and oxygen flow, leading to rejuvenation and improved energy!

Hot Springs 12 Aiyansh Hot Springs Credit Northern BC Tourism and Mike Seehagel

Soothe Soreness

Whether it’s chronic pain or sore muscles from hitting the slopes, hot mineral baths can provide relief and support the body’s joints.

Hot Springs 07 Nakusp Hot Springs Credit Kootenay Rockies Tourism and Mitch Winton

Healing Waters

The silica and sulfur in these waters can smooth dry skin and alleviate conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Essential Gear and Equipment

All you’ll need to enjoy a dip is your swimsuit and towel, and perhaps some (paraben-free) sunscreen!


Anytime you decide to go to a hot springs…

  • Rinse off before you enter – the pools are not baths, and removing any grime, fragrances, or lotions helps preserve the quality of the water.
  • Do not use any soap or shampoo in the hot springs.
  • Drink plenty of water to replenish your body, as the hot springs are relaxing, but can cause dehydration. 
  • Bring your own towel.
  • Hot springs are used for relaxation, so limit excessive noise and play. 
  • Follow the Leave No Trace principles.
  • Do not feed, touch or approach wildlife that linger in the area.
  • Some hot springs are 3-season pools.
Banff Upper Hot Springs 05 Credit Travel Alberta and Roth Ramberg

Did You Know?

The Liard River Hot Springs in northern British Columbia is Canada’s second-largest natural hot springs. This natural spring-fed river is surrounded by lush forests and is open all year long to visitors. This spot is so popular, it has been featured in National Geographic.

Hot Springs 14 Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park Credit Northern BC Tourism and Ryan Dickie

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