Heli & CAT Skiing

About Heli and Cat Skiing

Escape the crowded ski slopes and discover the tranquility of gliding down a Canadian mountain that seems as if it’s begging you to shred through its deep powder. Cat and heli skiing or snowboarding have the advantage of ensuring you ride amazing backcountry terrain. We can take you to some of the most challenging and pristine mountain runs, thanks to snowcats that can climb in practically any weather, and helicopters that will lift you to almost any peak. These alpine adventures truly define the phrase “off the beaten path.”

Ski Revelstoke Credit John Antoniuk 3

Prowl Up and Glide Down

Climb into a snowcat, typically used for grooming resort slopes, and hitch a ride beyond the chairlifts on a guided backcountry cat skiing adventure. Travel past the typical ski area boundaries, away from the snow that has already been trampled on by other skiers, and end up high in the mountains, where you can glide over fresh powder in the vast wilderness of the backcountry.

Heli 03 Revelstoke Credit Destination BC and Blake Jorgenson

Get In the Chopper

Heli skiing is one of the most thrilling and one-of-a-kind ski experiences offered. Part of what draws people to heli skiing is the sensation of floating weightlessly down a mountain, and the whoosh of light fluffy snow past your goggles. Some compare it to a surfer riding the perfect wave. The adventure and camaraderie of being able to do it all day, with a helicopter instead of an overcrowded gondola, is what this sport is all about.

Heli 08 Revelstoke Credit Destination BC and Blake Jorgenson

Get Lost In the Best Way

In the adventure of a lifetime, you can fully immerse yourself in the wild Canadian outdoors, with your tour guides ensuring everything is taken care of to provide for your safety and an incredible experience. Heli and cat ski guides rely on expert weather reports, avalanche forecasts, and advanced services. Most providers also have their own snow safety crews that are out digging pits and performing field assessments every day. Once you’re on the slopes, your guides will constantly monitor conditions and, if they discover anything unusual, they can reduce terrain options to make sure riders are having the time of their lives safely.

Tours with Heli or Cat Skiing

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Build Your Own Heli or Cat Skiing Tour

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Staff Picks

Bella Coola Valley

Imagine a helicopter picking you up right from the airport in remote British Columbia, and transporting you to millions of acres of prime Pacific powder in this heli skiing holy land.

RED Mountain

Deep in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains in BC are 150,000 breathtaking acres of epic alpine bowls, steep chutes, glades, and perfectly spaced trees overflowing with fresh champagne powder.

Castle Mountain

Powder hounds can have the adventure experience of cat skiing while other family members play on the rest of the mountain at the connected ski resort near Pincher Creek, Alberta.



Ski 05 CAT Castle Mountain Credit Travel Alberta John Price

Stay Toasty

You’ll be able to hop in your cat or chopper in between runs and warm up those chilly fingers and noses!

Heli 04 Revelstoke Credit Destination BC and Blake Jorgenson

The Best Conditions

You’ll find acres of untouched snow and pristine views – no worries that the crowds have transformed fresh powder into slush or hard ice!

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Level Up

If you’ve been skiing or boarding for quite some time, this is your chance to challenge yourself with a unique experience that will feel miles away from the resort runs you’ve become accustomed to!

Essential Gear and Equipment

  • Be sure to dress warm in synthetic or wool layers and bring mitts, a neck warmer and toque, or balaclava. You’ll want a waterproof outer layer for all the frolicking in deep powder.
  • You’ll need your snowboard or skis, and boarding or ski boots, poles for skiing, and helmets and other safety gear like knee pads.
  • Goggles will protect your eyes from the elements such as wind, snow, and glare from the sun. Snowfall, faceshots, and moisture are all factors that increase the probability of fogging, so make sure you have a spare in case you fog up!
  • In the unlikely event of an avalanche, tour operators always provide riders with the essential safety equipment. Ski operations will supply avalanche transceivers, airbag backpacks, shovels, and avalanche probes to their guests and will instruct guests on how to operate this equipment before they begin skiing.


Anytime you decide to go explore nature, you should…

  • Check the weather.
  • Research the route and take a map with you. 
  • Carry the proper gear for the experience.
  • Bring extra food.
  • Tell someone where you are going.
  • Check with the Parks or tourism office for closures, avalanche, and wildlife updates. 
  • Follow the Leave No Trace principles.
  • Do not feed, touch or approach wildlife.
Heli Ski 11 Whistler Credit Destination BC and Randy Lincks

Protect yourself from the sun – this may not seem important in winter, but sunny days pack a double whammy, as the sun’s rays reflect off all that snow. Use sunscreen on your face, goggles with polarized lenses, and SPF lip balm.

Get some practice in on the regular slopes – these ambitious adventures are not to be done straight off-the-couch. You’ll want to have found your snowlegs before you go, so you can sink into that rhythm that has deep powder skiing feeling effortless. 

Did You Know?

Environmentalists will be happy to know that the tour operators running these extreme sports are turning their attention to responsible practices. More and more heli and cat ski guides are considering their carbon footprint and being mindful of Leave No Trace principles. Northern Escape Heli-Skiing in Terrace, BC is working towards a carbon-neutral operation, and have created a Wildlife Mitigation Strategy. Bella Coola Heli-Skiing is similarly purchasing carbon offsets and offers customers an option to make their entire trip carbon-neutral, and Big Red Cats in Rossland, BC is using bio-diesel fuel and has installed a separator to prevent hydraulic fluid from seeping into the ground.

Cat Ski 18 Terrace Credit Destination BC and Andrew Strain

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