Activity Level

Adventure looks different to everyone. Activities can be at a faster or slower pace, some take place at a higher or lower altitude, while others require a bit of training. No matter your level of thrill, we have something for you. We have broken down our activities into three categories to sort your interests and generate your perfect trip.


These activities are the least physically demanding and are accessible to almost everyone. You should be comfortable standing for a period of time and be able to walk in short bursts. Examples: Sightseeing, nature walks, golfing, food tours.


This is a step up from Leisure, in that it’s more physically demanding and requires quick movements. It’s made for those who are interested in increasing their heart rate and expelling some energy. Examples: Skiing, hiking, canoeing, skating.


Difficult yet rewarding activities that test your current abilities. You should be in great physical shape to participate in these adventures and be comfortable with a thrilling experience. Examples: Rock climbing, heli-skiing, white water rafting, diving.

Marmot Basin-skiing

Range of Levels

We have placed activities into specific categories that best speak to the overall fitness level required to perform the action. We understand that there are individual activities that can fit into each of these classifications, like skiing. Depending on the person and their experience, one can put the sport as leisure, active or challenging. But in our types, we have noted this under Active because it is more physically demanding than a resting heart rate but not as serious as challenging. Know that an activity may be found under another category based on their overall view of the pursuit.

Your Abilities

Everyone is different. We all have our own combination of genetics, fitness, diet, occupation, limitations, and developed skills. You know yourself best, and it’s important that you select the level that is best suited for your lifestyle and abilities.


Did You Know?

Exercise at any level can increase self-confidence, enhance your mood, help you relax, and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Exercise can also improve your sleep and boost your endorphins.

Yukon Canoe 03 Million Dollar Falls Credit Yukon Government  D Crowe

Pick & Choose

Since all of our tours are 100% customizable, you decide which categories of adventures to incorporate on your next trip. If you want a balance of activities, we can organize excursions to include any combination of Activity Types.

Not sure what to include? Let our staff help you decide based on your interests, price range, and what’s available in the area.