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Outdoor Activities

Revelstoke is an outdoor paradise, attracting adventure enthusiasts year-round. During winter, visitors can enjoy skiing and snowboarding at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, snowmobiling, and backcountry skiing. In the warmer months, popular activities include mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and whitewater rafting. The area is surrounded by national parks, such as Mount Revelstoke National Park and Glacier National Park, offering countless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

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Stunning Natural Beauty

Revelstoke is surrounded by incredible natural beauty, from dense forests and towering mountains to pristine lakes and rivers. Key natural attractions include the Columbia River, Begbie Falls, and the Enchanted Forest. The area’s natural wonders can be enjoyed by taking scenic drives, like the Meadows in the Sky Parkway or visiting the Revelstoke Dam, which offers panoramic views of the valley and river.

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Vibrant Local Culture

Revelstoke has a rich history, dating back to the 1880s when the Canadian Pacific Railway first arrived. Visitors can explore this history by visiting the Revelstoke Railway Museum, Revelstoke Museum & Archives, and the BC Interior Forestry Museum. Additionally, the town’s vibrant arts and culture scene can be experienced through local galleries, festivals, and events, such as the Revelstoke Street Fest and the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre.

Living in a Winter Wonderland

Revelstoke holds the Canadian record for the most snowfall in a single winter season. In the winter of 1971-1972, Revelstoke received an astonishing 24.5 meters (80 feet) of snow. This incredible snowfall has contributed to the town’s reputation as a premier destination for winter sports enthusiasts, particularly skiers and snowboarders seeking deep powder and challenging terrain.

Popular Spots

Revelstoke Railway Museum

The museum showcases the rich history of the Canadian Pacific Railway and its impact on the development of Revelstoke and the surrounding region.

Mount Revelstoke

This national park is known for its diverse ecosystems, ranging from lush rainforests to alpine meadows.

Enchanted Forest

This unique attraction, located between Revelstoke and Sicamous, is a fairy-tale-themed forest filled with handcrafted figurines, treehouses, and whimsical displays.

Begbie Falls

This picturesque waterfall is located just a short drive from Revelstoke and offers a relatively easy hike through beautiful forested terrain.

Tours in Revelstoke

Discover the stunning West Coast, taste exquisite wines in the Okanagan, and marvel at the Rocky Mountains on a leisurely tour from Vancouver to Calgary. Tour available from May to October.

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Featured Attraction: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

This world-class ski resort is famous for its long ski runs, abundant snowfall, and incredible terrain. The resort offers skiing and snowboarding in the winter months, as well as sightseeing, mountain biking, and hiking during the summer season. The resort is also home to the Pipe Mountain Coaster, an exhilarating ride that takes you on a 1.4-kilometer descent through the mountains.

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Did You Know?

The Last Spike, a significant Canadian historical landmark, is located just a short drive west of Revelstoke in Craigellachie, British Columbia. On November 7, 1885, the final spike was driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway, signifying the completion of the railway that connected Canada from coast to coast.

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