Post Secondary

Post Secondary Trips for Your College or University

If your post-secondary students’ association, union, or club is looking to enhance the college or university experience for their membership, then consider a group trip. Attend an educational summit, plan a fundraiser, arrange team building, or organize a school ski trip. No matter the reason, at Live It Up Lifestyle Adventures, we can provide everything you need to have an epic time while making memories to last a lifetime.

When you need to comply with the institution’s expectations and requirements, our team is here to assist every step of the way, so you can focus on more important things, like your studies – or some much-needed stress relief! Our specialized expertise in post-secondary travel and events ensures that we understand the unique needs of colleges and universities and can provide tailored solutions that align with the institution’s requirements. With our help, you can plan a successful and enjoyable trip without worrying about the logistics and compliance.

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Licensed Buses

Our luxury motor coaches can transport your entire group safely and reliably from A to B. Sit back and relax with a movie, visit with your friends, catch up on studying, or, on one of our licensed buses, enjoy a drink or two on the way to your destination. Our Live It Up Tour Directors will handle the service and the logistics to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Hotel Bookings

We can help you find the right accommodations to fit your group size and budget. Whether you’re looking to stay put at one location, or jump from place to place during your trip, our tour managers can streamline the booking and payment processes, ensure guests and groups are booked together according to their specifications, and liaise with hotel staff to address any questions or special requests.

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Exclusive Reservations

Looking to book out a restaurant for a special group dinner? Interested in an entertainment venue or performance act available specifically for your organization? Want a unique space to host your meeting, workshop, or lecture? Let us handle navigating all the research, communication, and arrangements needed to set that up for you.

Epic Tours

We can help you build the itinerary for your amazing adventure, whether it’s dog-sledding and snowmobiling in the Yukon, zip-lining and whale-watching on Vancouver Island, or horseback riding and a brewery tour in Canmore. If you can imagine an unforgettable experience, together we will make it happen.

How We help

Custom Web Pages

We will create an exclusive page to coordinate and inform your group about the trip.

Payment Options

We'll streamline payments so guests can customize their experience and pay individually

Promotional Material

Work with us to design posters, banners, or other material that will help promote your trip or fundraiser.

Rental Discounts

We can hook you up with discounts from our partners to help your group with what they need.

The Ultimate Break or the Ultimate Learning Experience

In a time of expanding your horizons, novel ideas and experiences aren’t limited to the classroom or campus. Imagine drawing together students and leading educators for a summit in the Canadian Rockies. Picture a Bike-a-thon fundraiser on the Trans-Canada Trail through the Okanogan.

Think about your club enjoying ski hills, hot springs, and local nightlife over Spring Break, safely transported in one of our licensed tour buses from place to place. Envision the perfect end-of-year celebration hiking in rainforests and surfing off the coast of Tofino with your friends. Now let us help you bring that vision to life.

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Still Have Questions?

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to someone. Give us a call and lets discuss how we can create your unique experience.