Relaxed Explorer

Lake Louise 08 Banff Credit Travel Alberta Mike Seehagel

What Makes You a "Relaxed Explorer"?

As a Relaxed Explorer, you enjoy discovering new destinations at a comfortable pace, focusing on leisurely activities and experiences. You appreciate sightseeing, exploring local culture, and tasting regional cuisine while staying in classic accommodations such as mid-range hotels, bed and breakfasts, or local guesthouses. Your travel style strikes a balance between comfort and authentic experiences, often utilizing public transportation, rental cars, or shared shuttles to navigate your surroundings. The Relaxed Explorer values a vacation that blends relaxation with immersion in the local atmosphere.

Recommended Tours For You

Head to southern Alberta to experience some of Calgary’s popular urban adventures, cultural immersion, and stunning views. Excitement awaits in “Cowtown”! Package available May to September.
Uncover Halifax’s gems: Peggy’s Cove, Bay of Fundy, Lunenburg, and more! Immerse yourself in history, marvel at Titanic artifacts, and explore stunning landscapes. Package runs from June to September.
Discover the stunning West Coast, taste exquisite wines in the Okanagan, and marvel at the Rocky Mountains on a leisurely tour from Vancouver to Calgary. Tour available from May to October.

Build Your Own Tour

Seeking a unique experience beyond our standard offerings? Don’t worry! We’re happy to tailor-make and craft a tour that aligns perfectly with your vision and preferences. You can call us immediately to get in touch with our experts, or start building your dream tour online before reaching out to us for assistance. We’re here to help create the ideal tour for you!