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Special Occasions

Create a unique Canadian vacation that is exclusive and meaningful to you.

If you could tell a story that you are proud of, what would it be?

Every time you share the tale of your relaxing Canadian retreat at luxury accommodations, your thrilling mountain adventure, or your exhilarating culinary experience on the coast with friends, you will feel a rush of happiness. You deserve to feel refreshed and inspired, so let’s create something special for you.

If you could personalize a life moment, what would it be?

You can mark your retirements, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and family reunions with remarkable activities that you will never forget. Explore group adventures, rare venues, custom menus, and tailored or flexible itineraries personalized for your vision.

If you could imagine a spectacular memory, what would it be?

Canada is 9.985 million km² and has an infinite number of adventures waiting to be experienced. Explore some of Canada on an exclusive, once in a lifetime adventure that you will remember forever. Take challenges, improve your health, learn about Canada, meet people, make memories and tell stories.

We can customize your trip with unique enhancements for transportation, accommodations, meals, entertainment, private concierge and more!


What does Imagine Unforgettable mean to you?

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